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Monday, February 05, 2007

Kuduro: Techno from Angola to the World

by David Font-Navarrete


"Angola’s Kuduro music is spearheading a new ghetto-born movement set to rip-up dancefloors across the world ... This is the raw, uncompromising sound of the streets of Luanda, Angola. Meaning ‘hard ass’ or ‘stiff bottom’, it combines traditional Angolan Kilapanga, Semba and Zouk with Western house and techno."

You've got to hear this. That's it. Here are some links to get us all started:

The aforementioned "Bottoms Up" article on Kuduro by Toby Rogers (words) and Ana Gilbert (photos) from Fact Magazine:

Some ferocious mixes from the mighty On "Diplo - Mad Decent Podcast - It Came from Africa", you hear one of Diplo's Angolan friends breaking down the basics of Kuduro in parts of the mix ... makes your ass shake while it skools you! Nice.

The amazing Ghetto Bassquake blog by Vamanos (aka DJ Steppa?) with amazing links to mixes, Kuduro, Baile Funk and other lesser-known genres and subgenres of ass-shakin' sound:

If you search for "kuduro" on Google, it starts to get a little weird when you get results like "あたりがKUDUROなどのアフリカン", then it starts to sink in that this internet/globalization business might be faster and more serious than you imagined ... And, yeah, you can bet DJ Thick will be rocking some Kuduro in DC at the next AfroFunk Forum event.

Enjoy the sounds!


  1. Hi thanks for the props :)


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  3. Hello,

    Do you know this website dedicated to Kuduro videos?

  4. where can I go to see the top 10 of Kuduru? or the top 10 of Kuduru/Kizomba/Semba...

  5. do you want my kuduro beats?

  6. Wow this is some great coverage.

    Check out my collection of kuduro videos:

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    We're more than happy to receive promo material!

    You can find contacts at our website.


    Miikka "Mwamba" Kari


    kuduro beat!!!!!!

  9. Have you guys forgot about Cape Verdean role in starting/influencing Kuduro aswell? "Credit is given where credit is due"

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