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Monday, May 24, 2010

“FELA! on Broadway” Original Cast Recording

The ultimate Fela tribute band (a.k.a. “FELA!” on Broadway) will release a CD June 8, 2010. Performed by members of Antibalas afrobeat band, with Sierra Leone’s Sahr Ngaujah on lead vocals this album is sure to be an afrobeat classic. rates the forthcoming original cast recording of the afrobeat musical 9.5 out of 10 stars. Produced by Rob Sher (Follies and Gypsy), the Grammy nominated soundtrack is a combination of music and monologue.

1. Everything Scatter
2. Yellow Fever
3. Trouble Sleep
4. Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense
5. Lover
6. Upside Down
7. Expensive Shit
8. I. T. T. / Pipeline
9. Water Get no Enemy / Egbe Mi O
10. Shuttering and Shmiling
11. Zombie
12. Na Poi
13. Sorrow and Tears and Blood
14. Dance of the Orishas
15. Shine
16. Coffin Head of State

· Stuart Bogie—Tenor Saxophone
· Dylan Fusillo—Percussion
· Greg Gonzalez—Drums
· Alex Harding—Baritone Saxophone
· Jordan McLean—Trumpet
· Oren Bloedow—Guitar
· Ricardo Quinones—Guitar
· Yoshihiro Takemasa—Percussion
· Jeremy Wilms—Bass & Keys

Sahr Ngaujah as Fela
Lilias White as Funmalayo,
Saycon Sengbloh as Sandra Izadore

Arrangements by Aaron Johnson and Antibalas.

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