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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Toubab Krewe's Unique Blend

By Marc Bruner

Toubab Krewe's debut album, an invigorating and innovative mix of West African and down-home American music, certainly took me by surprise. Their live performance Saturday night in San Francisco was even more of an eye (and ear) opener. At times hard-driving and frenetic, at times silky and ethereal, the band is incredibly tight, extremely talented and loads of fun.

Members of the band, which hails from Asheville, North Carolina, studied music extensively in West Africa and the result is a thrilling blend of musical styles that uses traditional Malian instruments like the kora and kamelen n'goni in new and exciting ways.

NPR explains: "Toubab Krewe's sound combines traditional West African rhythms and instruments with classic Southern rock, hip-hop, reggae, country and Latin sounds for a unique listening experience." On stage, they infuse this rich musical mix with unparalleled energy and passion, for a live show that leaves you speechless, but keeps your feet moving throughout.

I heard it from a good source that Chopteeth recently opened for Toubab Krewe in Baltimore. I wish I could have seen that one. Definitely check out Toubab Krewe's debut album here.

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  1. I saw Toubab Krewe last month at the 10,000 Lakes Music Festival and was blown away. The band is "taper-friendly" so I was able to record their set. You can stream or download it for free from the Internet Live Music Archive: