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Saturday, June 24, 2006

DJ Rupture: Gold Teeth Thief

by David Font-Navarrete

From the website of Tigerbeat6, one of my favorite record labels:

"Born near Boston, based in Madrid, DJ /rupture captured the world’s imagination on the strength of Gold Teeth Thief, the 'stunning, globe-trotting, three-turntable mix' that 'captures the spirit of the best bootleg mixes--bumping, brash, and without borders,' according to the album's four-star review in the April 2002 issue of VIBE ... Gold Teeth Thief is a work THE WIRE called 'so fabulous that you need to beg, borrow, remortgage, and steal ... so you can go to the Website and download it post haste.' For once, the hype is not hyperbole but the just reward for a powerfully syncretic musical imagination, nurtured on the one hand by New York's legendary illbient scene and by notions of the African diaspora on the other."

This amazing, dense mix can be downloaded in two parts here:

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