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Monday, July 14, 2008

Afrobeat in Amsterdam- Zuluwannsago

By Kenny Eaton

Allow me to introduce Zuluwannsago- an afrofunk band based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 10-member group’s funky grooves and African infusions are infecting audiences and rousing dance floors. Zuluwannsago’s diverse collection of musicians shows through in their music- lots of flavors, tons of power. Bandleader Yusuf Nuweku originally comes from Ghana. From childhood on he played the traditional percussion rhythms of his country and as he moved to the Netherlands he began to develop himself further as a bandleader.

The rest of the international Zuluwannsago lineup consists of members from the Ivory Coast, Portugal, the Netherlands and the Caribbean. Check out this sweet snippet of them performing at a Jazz Festival in Holland:

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