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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lost Photos of Sly Stone Surface

By Robert Fox

The New York Times had an interesting piece this week about Sony BMG Music realizing that they were sitting on a treasure trove of old musician photographs from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Shot by photographers working for the label, the archive apparently includes never seen images of Miles Davis, Count Basie, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and many others, including a young Cassius Clay recording his spoken word album "I Am The Greatest." They're now making prints available for sale--and priced to move at prices of up to $1,700 each.

But you can check this one out for free: Sly in all his 1973 glory, the year his album "Fresh" was released. Yes I! Dig the reel-to-reel, the groovy wallpaper, the giant 'fro. Or this group shot of the Family Stone when funk was fresh and the fashions!

You can see a slideshow of 14 other images from the archive here. In mid-July the Morrison Hotel Gallery will mount an exhibit of the images at 124 Prince Street in New York City. In August, there will be a separate exhibit of Miles Davis images from the archive. Maybe you should check your closets too---who knows what you'll find in there?

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  1. Thanks for posting the pics of Sly. These were taken during an interesting period in Sly's career. I write about this and more in my book Sly: the Lives of Sylvester Stewart and Sly Stone. I hope you'll check it out.