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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Afropop Worldwide Features Sila & the Afrofunk Experience

By Robert Fox

The always-informative Afropop Worldwide radio show reviews a super-funky new tune called “Ambush” by the outstanding California Afrobeat group Sila and the Afrofunk Experience. It’s from their new album The Funkiest Man in Africa—definitely worth checking out. Victor Sila is one of the leaders of the Afrobeat Renaissance that is blooming throughout the US and the world in recent years, and he’s put together an exciting music project that is attracting widespread attention, for example this from the San Francisco Bay Guardian:
Sila and the Afrofunk Experience have exploded onto the Bay Area world music scene with an irresistible blend of traditional African and Afro-Latin rhythms, slinky guitar, and Sila's syrupy Swahili and English vocals. The ten-piece also throws some crucial reggae skank and hip-hop swagger into the mix, resulting in an upbeat, multiculti celebration that's guaranteed to keep you glued to the dance floor.
The Afropop Worldwide site also features a free tune this week from Zimbabwean MC Metaphysics as well as a remix from Bab Kubwa founder Ralph Godden. Godden’s track remixes the hit Moto Chini by Tanzanian hip hop artist Sugu—this was the winning track in the 2005 African Hip Hop Foundation Sugu remix contest.

You can also purchase selected singles, check out music videos and by music DVDs on the Afropop Worldwide site, with the profits going to benefit the program’s efforts to champion African music

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